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Our Products : Canola Oil - Light and Smooth, Golden, Clear & Pure | Oil Sprays - SMART - COOKING SPRAYS ,It is a top-quality spanish extra virgin olive Oil - THROUGH A SMART AND EFFICIENT WAY | Olive Oil - Oil from Olive pomance , approx. 80% of mono-unsaturated fat | Oliveola - Great Combination of Omega Nutrient, act as a substitute for butter | Our Philosophy and practises are based onthe health and welfare of People

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Healthy Brand for healthy families


Heartland believes in the general wellness of mind, body and spirit.
We subscribe to the philosophy of "you are what you eat " and therefore Heartland offers a natural blend of food products that supports a healthy lifestyle for mind and body. Heartland is committed to bringing you and your family a highstandard of quality foods which is both delicious and healthy! Heartland carefully evaluates each and every product offered to make sure it fits within strict guidelines.
We are passionate about bringing you the highest standard available regardless of where we have to go to get it. You will find that Heartland selects products from top sources in their category and ensures you get a superior product in terms of health, quality and overall value. Heartland believes your family should be offered the same luxury and healthy lifestyle offered to the rest of the privileged world. You deserve nothing less!

The smart, healthy choice for your family........Heartland!


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